Boiler Operator

Prewitt, NM
Posted 2 years ago

Mckinley Paper Company Master, Prewitt, NM


Boiler Operator

The Boiler Operators primary responsibility is to manage the safe and efficient operation of the Boiler Room and steam system which includes: primary boiler and the auxiliary boiler. The Boiler Operator ensures the steam and condensate systems are functioning properly while meeting production demands for steam. This work is primarily located, but not limited to the Boiler Control Room.

Main job duties are as follows:

  • Safely operate the boilers, steam, condensate, make-up water, fuel and draft systems to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.
  • Maintain, and troubleshoot above systems. This includes all steam and condensate flows, valves, pumps, and controls. Specific areas to be monitored on a continuous basis including boilers (water level and operation), DA tank, feed water pumps, chemical feed system, water softener, dryers, turbine, and line shaft operation.
  • On startups operate the steam turbine and dryers. Closely monitor boilers, steam and condensate systems and take appropriate corrective actions as needed – until all those systems are stabilized.
  • Perform all necessary paper work and maintain the boiler room log book.
  • Perform water chemistry tests every day shift.
  • Blow down the gauge glass and test the Low water cut-off system every day when the boilers operate. Perform the bottom blow-down once per shift.
  • Monitor automated surface blow down operation.
  • Take necessary readings and record at beginning of every shift.
  • Maintain all chart recorders and change them out at the beginning of day shift.
  • Perform PMs, troubleshoot components as needed or assigned on equipment including field checks.
  • Housekeeping responsibilities include all work areas, specifically at all Boiler room related equipment, and boiler room
  • During shutdowns this position is primarily responsible for maintaining/repairing steam, condensate, make-up water systems, rotary steam joints, replacing safety and control valves, and other related equipment.
  • Monitor chemical inventories and when low, advise the Lead Boiler Operator.
  • Assist Production and Maintenance Personnel as needed to maintain the operation of the mill.
  • Perform checks of the equipment and areas as assigned.

High School Diploma

2-5 Years Boiler operation experience

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