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About Us

We are a world-class integrated paper and packaging company that is GREEN.
We operate two state-of-the-art businesses in the United States: Our first division is McKinley Paper, which has three paper-producing facilities in New Mexico, Washington and Wisconsin. Our second division is McKinley Packaging, with facilities in California, Georgia, Indiana, and Texas.  McKinley Company is part of Bio Pappel the largest manufacturer of paper and paper products in Mexico and Latin America.

McKinley Paper operates three paper-producing facilities in New Mexico, Washington and Wisconsin. These facilities have a combined capacity of approximately 1 Million tons/yr and represent a new generation of high-tech, environmentally friendly mills that produce 100% recycled paper, and we do this without cutting down one single tree.

McKinley Packaging operates a network of five state-of-the-art, super Alpha-Box plants in California, Georgia, Indiana, and Texas.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we have a combined box cut-up capacity of 500,000 tons/year which allows us to efficiently and competitively cover most local and multiregional customer needs throughout The United States. We are keenly aware of the importance of being a sustainable part of the supply chain and strive to use a high percentage of recycled content in all that we manufacture. We take pride in ourselves that we are co-responsible with our customers in promoting environmentally friendly performance packaging.

Our Core Values


To be a leading enterprise in the creation of shared value based on a strong culture of learning, innovation, productivity, environmental protection and social responsibility.


To competitively produce sustainable paper, paper-based products and packaging, in order to effectively contribute to our clients’ success, as well as to ours and the environment’s.


Our corporate values are focused on differentiating our company and its products by fostering a green, low-carbon economy and helping others achieve the same goal.

sales team

Mike smith
V.P. of Sales
McKinley Packaging USA
McKinley Packaging
Rhea Nandi Stewart
Sales Manager – West Coast
McKinley Packaging LA
Sales Manager –  South East
McKinley Packaging Covington
Sales Manager – Mid West
McKinley Packaging Lebanon
Arely Rincon
Sales Manager – Domestic & International Accounts
McKinley Paper

HR Team

Noel Pearson
HR Manager
McKinley Paper NM Mill
Peter Johnson
HR Manager
McKinley Paper WA Mill
John Corrigall
HR Manager
McKinley Paper WI Mill
Stuart Moir
Director of HR
McKinley Packaging