We provide innovative & cost-effective solutions for your specific business needs.

We specialize in delivering customized products to our customers that fit your company’s needs. With the help of our technical support team, we provide your company added value through structural and graphics design while we keep cost in mind. Our performance packaging & paper solutions along with our industry expertise will take an idea you have to a whole new level, offering results you may not have thought possible that will help you get your product noticed and safely delivered to your customer.




We produce a variety of High Performance Liners, Mediums and Grocery Bag Paper for commercial application use. We operate 2 high-tech environmentally friendly paper mills, free of tree-cutting, 100% recycled, with a U.S. based capacity of over 450,000 tons/yr.

High Performance Liners


Grocery Bag Paper


Corrugated Packaging

We have the capabilities to produce any size, shape, graphic, specification, or board combination of corrugated packaging. From sheets to shipping boxes, our engineers and designers can help determine the best, most cost-effective corrugated solution for your business.


Interior & Specialty Packaging

We offer a full complement of specialty packaging solutions including corrugated partitions, specialized industry packaging such as frozen packaging, and interior packaging. Our design teams work with you to determine the strongest, most secure way to package your products.

Graphics & Retail Packaging

Today, packaging is much more than just a brown shipper. It is a powerful advertising tool and a valuable opportunity to capture the attention of customers. Our design teams anticipate the needs of merchants and the desires of consumers, with an expert understanding of consumer behavior and rapidly evolving market trends.


Foam Products

Our foam division is committed to offering our customers the highest quality products combined with a great service. We extrude a wide variety of expanded foam products to protect all types of articles and goods that require the highest protection during the transportation process. Our product line includes; EPE Rolls, sheets and bags, all customizable to meet your needs.